LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Pokemon Ad, Is a FAKE site! Do not dare, download the thing on the Site! Its A keylogger, Its a COPY of a game, If you want the game, The real one is on this site: Note that this is what it said: from the site IMPORTANT WARNING! It has come to our attention that a website with the address, has been advertising our game and distributing a download. The website begins with the disclaimer: "To download and play the Pokemon World Online game you must also download and install Zango. It's free and very easy to install and will give you access to the full game." If you are directed to the site, DO NOT DOWNLOAD the game there at any cost! Zango is an Adware program that forces adverts to appear on your computer and can download other malicious software onto your computer. Using the game offered by will download Zango to your computer and possibly invade your privacy! We would like to remind our users that only the site listed below is official. Downloads from these sites are 100% safe and adware-free, and using them means you always have the latest and greatest version of our game: is NOT an official site and we have nothing to do with it, so steer clear! If, however, you have downloaded a copy of our game from, you should delete it immediately and scan your computer for Adware. This topic on our Forums explains exactly how to do this, and gives more detail on the Zango scandal, so please check it out! And please everyone, remember golden rule number two of the internet: Always go for the OFFICIAL sources! Happy training! Comments Posted 14-Jul-2008 Remeber that we try to Keep our Site the best, and protected, Just for you! Photobucket Affilites Simple Machine Codes Photobucket
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